One Race. One World. One Love. PEACE


KOMBRA – Short Film, 2012

A mother/daughter relationship is put to the test when a Krio mother (Kombra) and her daughter come to terms with what the other may need. Can they learn to appreciate each other?

Karmic Komplexities – Short Film, 2012

An interracial couple finds that their love for each other cannot overcome the obstacles that they face.

SALAY Short Film, 2011

Salay is a young woman grieving the loss of her mother who feels the desire to direct her own life, despite the pull of local traditions. Winner of the Award of Excellence for Social Justice in the Best Shorts Competition and Best African Film at the San Francisco Black Film Festival. Official Selection at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

BLVD – Short Film, 2009

A Mexican-American urban drama about a young homeless boy’s struggle after learning that his mom, a drug-addicted prostitute, doesn’t love him. Currently in pre-production.

Age of i – Documentary, 2007

Documenting the plight of the Sierra Leonean youth set against the backdrop of the historic 2007 presidential election.

Sierra Leone Revisited – Documentary, 2003

A brief look at life after Sierra Leone’s 10-year civil war.

Ground Level – Documentary, 2002

8 minutes into the life of a homeless American family. Aired on Current TV.